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The installation method of double curtain rod

Double Roman rod

double curtain rod

Double Roman rod curtains got the love of a lot of owners because of its fashionable exterior, practical design. There are two types of Roman rods: single and double. Double – layer Roman rod curtain get more and more popular in recent years with its retro trend.

Double curtain rod is generally divided into track rod, track head, support rail (single & double bracket, and three tracks bracket) and lifting ring. There are four parts. As far as Roman rail is concerned, it is generally aluminum alloy, carbon steel, carbon steel plastic coated, iron rail, and aluminum alloy is better in terms of material. When selecting the rail, you can know whether it is good or bad by paying attention to the thickness of the pipe wall.

In terms of technology, there are about stickers, plastic wrapping, baking paint, electric chanting paint, etc. in terms of technology, electric chanting paint is better.

Double curtain rod can create a more fashionable and beautiful decoration effect for us, but when we buy double Roman rod curtain, we should pay attention to its price and purchase points.

The installation method of Double Roman rod

Ⅰ. Lineation: Install the bracket under the curtain as the standard line, and then draw out the position line of the bracket and the hole. Of the three curtain brackets, the middle one should be in the center of the window or wall, and the others at both ends should be equidistant. The curtain brackets at each end need to maintain a distance of about 15 —— 20cm from the wall, or keep a distance of about 5-10cm from the end of the Roman pole.

Ⅱ. Punching: Upon installation of double curtain rod , the punch depth shall be between 3.5cm and 5cm with no skew phenomenon or omissions. And you should pay attention to stay away from the wires and water pipes while punching holes. After punching, press the plastic expansion tube into the hole.

Ⅲ. Installation: The curtain bracket is fastened with self-tapping wire, and then put the rings into the curtain rod, the rings are divided into two pieces, the one of them is in the front and another one is in opposite. Press the Roman pole into the curtain bracket, and then adjust the same distance between the decorative heads and the wall.

Ⅳ. Hanging curtains: After installing the curtain hook, hang it into the curtain ring. But after hanging, you should check whether the sliding is flexible, whether the two curtains are at the same height.

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