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The introduction of the Roman pole

Ⅰ. The origin of the name

Roman poles are horizontal bars with hanging curtains, the shape is cylindrical, the diameter is about 2 – 4 cm, the length depends on the sizes of the window, and the ends of the pole are gourd capitals. Roman pole play a decorative role, and named for the style similar to ancient Roman architecture. The pole is horizontally fixed above the window, there is groove on the bar for slide rails, round rings are set on the rod, driving the curtain to open and close. It is low-noise, and silent. There are noise reduction bars on the top of the bar, after the ring fixed, can slide over the noise reduction bar.

Ⅱ. The species of Roman poles

According to the material classification, the Roman rod has alloy wrapped plastic rod, aluminum alloy electrophoresis rod, solid wood rod, steel rod, and iron rod.

Roman pole

Ⅲ. The installation steps and instruction of the Roman pole

In the modern family, the curtain also becomes a scenery line of the home space, the Roman pole is an integral part of carrying this beautiful bridge, it will let the decorative function of the curtain play to the extreme. So for the installation steps and instruction of the Roman pole, will also become a key part of the home decoration.

At present, the Roman rod material on the market is mainly metal and wood, the material is different, its style is different, of course, the scope of use and collocation are also different. Today I am here to teach you how to install the Roman poles!

  • Roman rod mounting tools / ingredients
Roman poles

Hammer drill and supporting 6mm drill, steel tape, pencil, cross start, 6mm plastic expansion pipe, 4mm self-tapping; check the compatibility of Roman rod and its decorative head, curtain bracket, curtain ring, measure the length of Roman rod and width of windows.

If you want to learn about how to install double curtain rod, check the following article:

The installation method of double curtain rod

  • The install instruction of the Roman pole

Horizontal: The improvement of housing prices, but the quality is declining, especially the affordable housing and also built housing, some roof tilt about 10cm, the uneven floor tiles paved in 5cm, the wall shows a trapezoidal shape.The horizontal ruler and horizontal pipe are best used when installing the Roman rod.

Roofing height: In order to show the beauty of the Roman pole, we need to pay attention to the top of the bedroom and the window height to avoid the sense of oppression and feeling of asphyxia.When the rod is installed on the wall, it should be about 6cm to 12cm away from the roof and ceiling. While it installed in the roof or ceiling, the Roman rod should be putted away from the wall about 6cm to 10cm, to prevent when using curtain, the curtain cloth friction wall caused by contamination.

Leave space: during the installation process, the gap between the left and right of the window frame shall not be less than 6cm, so that the Roman pole can stand out and the curtain cloth can completely cover the window. When the curtain cloth covers the whole wall, the length of the Roman pole (excluding the decorative heads at both ends) is about 18-22cm shorter than the indoor net width. After installation, there is a gap of about 2-6cm between the decorative head of the Roman pole and the wall, that is, the so-called “place with a head left”。

With the improvement of people’s living standards, there will be more and more Roman pole materials on the market, and the Roman pole installation of different materials and styles will be different. Generally, it is best to ask a professional installation Installer.

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