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How To Choose A Good Curtain Track

There are a variety of curtain tracks on the market that are divided into two series, they are open curtain track and hidden curtain track. There are three kinds of open curtain track: wooden rod, aluminum alloy rod, and steel rod. Among them, dark track has Nano-track, aluminum alloy track and mute track. No matter what the material is, first element of the track is smooth, the installation code is firm, accessories will not pollute the curtain.

  • Hidden Curtain Track

Profile of hidden curtain track:

The track needs to be made of pure aluminum alloy, can not be mixed with other materials, many cheap tracks are adulterated.Aluminum alloy is the best choice, the so-called nano-track are actually plastic, just changed the name, if you use it for a long time, it will age, even break, the product life is too short.There are many kinds of aluminum alloy tracks, and the surface treatment process includes oxidation, spraying and electrophoresis.Raw material is the best choice of primary aluminum alloy, many cheap aluminum alloy tracks are made of recycled materials.

Electrophoresis is the best surface treatment technology, the product made by this process has a smooth surface, the color is not easy to fade, and is convenient for pulley movement.

Pulleys for hidden curtain track:

There are plastic and nylon two categories. Among them, most of the plastic one is made of recycled materials, so that the product surface is dull and rough, and it will not take long to break and aging. The pulley is made of ABS and POM. We suggest using POM pulley. POM is a super wear-resistant resin with long service life. If the pull ring is bent by ordinary iron wire, it is easy to rust after long use, leading to pollution of curtain cloth. A good pulley is made of wear-resistant raw nylon, smooth without burr, and smooth when pulled by hand. The pull is made of 304 stainless steel and can be distinguished by magnets when you choose.

Installation code:

The thickness of 0.5mm general coating, pressing plate using recycled plastic, easy to rust and damage, good installation code is the guarantee of solid track, should be used 1.0mm steel plate, nylon pressing plate, surface strictly pickling clean scale clean process, coating firm, easy to install.

Track cover for curtain track:

The cheap track is made of recycled plastic, the surface is dim and no toughness, the excellent cover is made of high-quality ABS, the surface is smooth, and the trademarks and words are clear.


general track packaging is simple, or even no packaging, good track will use a well-printed PE bag.When you buy, you can not covet the cheap track, need to compare it from the above several aspects, track is the basis of the curtain. A good track will be smooth and firm in use.

curtain track

Nowadays, most people like to install open tracks. Open track is a general term for Roman track and decorative track. Open curtain track is divided into aluminum alloy, solid wood, and steel pipe by material.

Solid wood curtain track:

This rail is more common, there are a variety of colors.Transparent color and cover color can be divided into two kinds according to the type, basically depends on whether the surface treatment is smooth, whether the paint is uniform, whether the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, etc.There are two kinds of solid wood decorative rails with silencer bar and without silencer bar, basically no difference, because the curtain is not used several times a day.

Aluminum alloy curtain track:

More popular in the market, the key to distinguish the quality lies in the thickness of the wall, good wall is relatively thick in 1.5mm-2mm.Secondly, check the design of the pull ring, many aluminum alloy curtain track pull ring has a pull groove in the upper and lower part of the track.In fact, this is a fake curtain track design, the real curtain rod pull is directly on the rod.Poor curtain rod uses recycled plastic pull ring, manufacturing process is very rough.

Steel pipe decoration pole:

Commonly known as iron art pole, surface treatment includes spraying, electroplating, diameter includes 16MM, 19MM, 20MM, 25MM and so on.Distinguish the quality mainly to check the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the installation foot, and the thickness of the pipe wall.

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