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Why you should get some extra curtain rod rings?

You have just finished hanging up your wonderful new curtains, and you end up with bags of curtain rod rings and maybe a bracket or two left. Then great! You can return them back to the store and get a few dollars back in your pocket. Or, you can put them in a hall closet and after a few years, those drapery rings and curtain brackets left behind will be priceless.

 It’s hard to explain to somebody who has not been in our chair in one day or two how many calls we get from customers who just need a few replacement curtain rod rings or replacement curtain bracket and can’t seem to find anything that matches. Hopefully your curtain accessories will last a really long time, and in a few years you may decide to replace your curtains. So what happens if your new curtain has 28 pleats instead of 27? Or, when you remove the paint from the curtain rod, you may lose the brackets or drapery rings. Or, maybe you pulled the curtain too tight and popped a hole in your drapery rings. Whatever the case, there’s a good chance you will want to wear a few more bags of drapery rings or replace the bracket at some point in the future.

  “Well, if those situations really happen, I can buy some more new drapery rings, right? It doesn’t make sense to keep these leftovers or buy more than I need right now.” You would think matching a drapery ring or bracket would be a super easy thing, especially if you remember the brand, the collection and the color. But, the tonal characteristic of curtain accessories, especially woodiness style, can produce change gradually as the elapse of time. Even if the same series and colors are still available years from now, a new drapery ring or bracket will stick out like a sore thumb. The only way to make sure everything blends together is to order at the same time. In addition, every time the curtain accessories manufacturer produces a new batch of products, it turns out just a little bit lighter, just a little bit darker, just a little bit more red, just a little bit less red and so on. As long as everything was ordered together you would never notice. However, trying to get a good match, even just after a few months, it can sometimes be tough very much.

So, how many extra curtain rod rings should you plan to buy on earth? To be honest, it entirely depends on you. However, it is not a bad idea to order 10 or even 20 percent more curtain rod rings and get at least one more curtain bracket than what you think you will need. And then we admit it sounds totally self-serving — a curtain accessories company is telling customers that buying more than what you will need is actually a good idea. But, seriously, in a few years, you’re going to call us and say “I am so grateful for you!”

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