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The Best Choice For Patio Door Curtain Rods

Handling patio doors with curtains can be a difficult task. Especially if you often use the area and keep going in and out of the door. In addition, if you want to close the curtains at night, you need to action like an operation. In general, you want to stretch in one direction unless you have enough wall space at both ends of the glass to accommodate a pile of separate rods. You had better to consider all these options before you abandon and hang a set of vertical shutters. Today, let’s tell you the best choice for patio door curtain rods and other curtain accessories.

Decorative curtain rod with ring

Ultra simple, simple and elegant, decorative curtain rod may be a good choice for your patio door, especially if you can stack left and right curtains. Almost every curtain rod can be connected in the center with joint screws or internal splicing. Since most patio doors are about 10 or 11 feet long, two 6-foot-long wooden poles and a joinery can be used. If your door is wide, you may need two eight foot columns instead.

This option is not available for unidirectional stretching, you need to move the curtain over the center support. You will consider a valance rod with optional bypass ring and bypass bracket, specially designed to allow the suspension to open the past support bracket. Kirsch wrought iron and metal selection are a good set to consider.

curtain rods for patio sliding doors

Decorative cross bar for patio door curtain rods

You can not find a way to hang the patio door curtain rods more easily than the decorative cross bar. They are just the best choice for function and design. If you plan to draw your curtains every day, you will be glad that you chose the decorative horizontal shift. In addition, you do not have to worry about unidirectionally stretched bypass rings or brackets. These special curtain rods look like a decorative wood or metal rod, but they operate like a heavy curtain rod. It’s really the best of the two worlds, and they are built to last.

Heavy curtain rod

If you want to hang a simple fabric curtain at the top of the patio door, you can easily hide the working principle of the heavy curtain rod below. You probably want to use standard curtain poles or wide faced continental poles at the top of the curtain. Just make sure that the clearance of the curtain rod is large enough so that the heavy rod below it is easy to operate.

The working principle of heavy curtain rods is the same as that of decorative cross bars, but there is no wood or metal skin at the front of them. They should be hidden under the curtain. However, there are several types of heavy curtain rods with metal or bronze shadows that may match your interior even without curtains.

Adjustable and prefabricated curtain rod is certainly an option. However, in the long run, it may be better to use decorative cross bars or heavy curtain bars.

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